Any plans to offer Premast Plus on Google Slide?

Yes, Premast Plus will be on Google Plus soon enough, as a team we are working on the Google slide version right now.

Any plans to offer Premast Plus on Google Slide?

Keynote does not have the ability to use software plugins...But we are working now on another solution for Mac OS which can be used on Keynote somehow

Are Premast Plus items available on a website?

Next step, we are working on this as a priority and it will be released this year.

Is there any limit for using Premast Plus during a certain period of time?

No there isn't, you can use it as many times as you like and download item as much as you can once you install it.

Can I edit illustrations in Premast Plus?

Yes sure illustrations on Premast Plus are fully editable, you can select the item you want and click on "convert it into shapes" then ungroup it and you can edit it. or you can check this detailed tutorial ‚Äč

Can I become a vendor on Premast Plus?

You totally can, just contact us on admin@premast.com and we will inform you with the exact steps to become a one